Gillard Editing provides a transcription service for documents where automated techniques are not effective, such as handwritten material and poorly preserved typed material. This allows any physical archive to be converted into a searchable electronic resource. All work is carried out in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001, and the process is as follows:

Data entry

Dual data entry is performed on all documents; the data is entered by two different operators working in parallel.


The output files are compared automatically and any discrepancies are corrected by a third operator.

Quality control

A 100% document browse is then carried out in order to confirm accuracy, and any remaining errors are corrected.

From this ...
Indenture ... to this: Transcript

On the left is a handwritten document dating from 1789. On the right is an extract from the corresponding transcript. Click on the images to see the full-sized versions.







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